The Old Troubadour

The Old Troubadour

The Old TroubadourThe Old Troubadour

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Canyon Wind


 Canyon Wind features music inspired by western Colorado--the rivers, the canyons, and the summer clouds that skip across the western skies. The title song, Canyon Wind, speaks about the incredible silence and solace one finds in a western canyon, surrounded only by the sounds of wind whistling along the canyon walls. Colorado River Song is an ode to the river that gives the west life, and to the many demands made upon it. Skiing Song celebrates the love of skiing, and the joy it brings to life. 

Wild Stallion


 Wild Stallion takes its name from the title song on the CD, featuring the story of a stallion on the Roan Plateau of western Colorado. Song for an Old Guitar is a virtual love song written in honor of favorite old guitars worldwide. The Coffee Song is an anthem to John's favorite drink, andMoldy Old Folky tells the tale of the history of folk music, and mentions many of the old friends John performed with in the Village in New York in the 60s.  

Colorado Mountain Song


 John's third CD, Colorado Mountain Song, is a compilation of original songs inspired by the mountains, canyons, and legends of the mountain west. Several of John’s songs on this CD speak of war. They’ll Give me Flowers Every Time I Drop a Bomb speaks of the manipulation of intelligence that our government used to lead us into this conflict. Sarah tells of the terrible pain of those who are left behind to mourn the loss of loved ones. David is Gone is a tribute to an old friend and folk pioneer, Dave Van Ronk, and a memorial to his passing from the music scene.   

Apple Pickin' Time


 Apple Pickin' Time is John Winn's fourth CD, filled with songs about Maine, sailing ships, and love. Widows Walk tells the tale of a tragedy at sea, and of love and yearning grown stronger with separation. Old Cook Stove is about the joys of heating and cooking with wood in the Maine woods, and Snow on the Mountaintop is an anthem to the joys of growing old together. Justin is a tribute to Judd Strunk, a friend and fellow entertainer from Maine.   

The Lonely Minstrel


 The Lonely Minstrel:  this CD tells the story of The Lonely Minstrel and his observations on modern life. The Dream was written on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's Jr.'s untimely assassination, and was warmly received at the Roper Music Hall concert. The Mountain Bike Song has several wry observations about the "joys" of this popular sport, and the hazards, too. Several beautiful love songs are on this new CD, including Trust, Sweet Colleen and Our Love is Like a Song. In First November Snow, John writes of the beauty and promise of the winter ahead when those first snowflakes cover the mountains. 

The Colorado Collection


 The Colorado Collection
This CD is a compilation of songs John has written about the wonderful places that make Colorado so special to live in or visit. There are songs about the beauty of the mountains and canyons, the winds that blow through the canyons and the plaintive song of the Canyon Wren (Canyon Wind and Colorado Mountain Song). His songs tell the tale of the wild horses that run free in the deserts in western Colorado (Wild Stallion).  

Songs of Love Lost and Love found


 Songs of Love Lost and Love found
This is a collection of the worlds most covered topic, Love. This CD is a compilation of the songs John has written about a subject that has been discussed for years and here they are gathered together in a rich tapestry of emotion and music. 

The Poet and The Pirate


 The Poet and The Pirate
This album cuts a wide swath of music and poetry. From the conflicted conversations of the Poet and the Pirate, the foolishness of Whats on TV, to the beauty of Children of the Mountains and the swamps of the Bayou ofLonesome Bullfrog Blues. It touches on the "joys" of aging in Getting Olderand the hope of Count your Blessings. 

Old Folk Singer


 Old Folk Singer
Here's a collection of music that ranges from songs I wrote back in the sixties till right about now. Some of the older songs have a country flavor and the newer one's are more lyric ballads. They were all written with whatever feelings I could muster at the time and they all come from the heart. It's a good representation of how my style has changed through the years. 

Higher Ground


 Higher Ground is Folk music from someone who was there in the folk revival of the 50s and 60s. In his 82nd year on this planet, John has performed in concert halls and coffee houses from coast to coast. He is truly a soul of folk, a troubadour of tales. 

Tracks in the Snow


 Tracks in the Snow
"This is a collection of my stories and songs about mountains, snow and skiing, with ten new tracks, gathered together to be shared with all lovers of the mountains." 

1979 Maine Sessions (Rediscovered)


 1979 Maine Sessions (Rediscovered)

In 1966 I left the concrete canyons of New York City for the tall timber region of northwestern Maine. From singing in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, the rarefied heights of Carnegie Hall and Town Hall, touring with the Belafonte singers and the Karlsrud Chorale then to singing for the local colorful gentry of the tiny villages of Kingfield and Stratton, Eustis township Maine and any hoot owls and crickets in attendance.

The songs are all originals. The songs were recorded live on a reel to reel two track in 1979.